Voice for Voiceless is an organization which focuses on the neglected, deprived and needy people of the society.  It is working for the betterment, wellbeing and upliftment of deprived section of the people and helps to participate and mainstreaming to the political, social and economic process of state. Not only social, political, economic and environmental  problem but also the preservation of culture and tradition is the concern area of the organization. Voice for voiceless is an organization which is working for those who are voiceless. This organization is completely based on Gandhian principles and ideology. It is impossible to conceive of the modern world without Gandhi and his thought. In fact Gandhi is more relevant today than ever before. His concept Sarvodaya visualizes a simple, non-violent, decentralized and welfare society. This organization is working with the Gandhian principle of Sarvodaya society. Sarvodaya seeks the happiness of each and all. Sarvodaya reiterates belief in God and, further, it identifies that belief with faith in the goodness of man and with services of humanity.

 This organization consists of four societies

 (i) The intellectual society ” Centre for Third Voice Studies”

(ii) The cultural society “Prachee Sahitya Samaj”

(iii) The Vegetarian Society ” The veggie dietetics”

 (iv) The Student Society “The students sodality”

All these societies are working in their respective field to create awareness among the public about the constructive social work.

To carry out constructive programmes in our day-to-day life, is essential in the present context. We have adopted 18 items of constructive programmes such as:

Stop contaminating water, Stop polluting air ,Stop drug abuse, Stop untouchability, Help to the Dibyanga,  Help the mentally disable person,  Help  the old and senior citizens, Help the sick person, Help the poor children, Help the poor women, Help to protects animals and birds, Start planting tree, Start the swatch Bharat Abhijan, Start the spreading of basic education, Start programmes to empower women, Start the awareness of Satya and Ahmisha, Start the awareness of health and hygienic , Start the awareness of communal harmony.

        These programmes are provides a glorious picture of the Gandhian concept of social order. The constructive programme may otherwise, and more fittingly, be called construction of complete independence, by truthful and nonviolent means. The responsibility of the members is work, for the betterment of the society. Therefore individual participation in social service is necessary to establish a Sarvodaya society. A strong voice is necessary to raise for the voiceless. Deprivation by all means will be suppressed by non-violence principles.