The Student Sodality


Modern era is an era of participatory democracy. Each sections participation is essential for good governance. Students role is crucial in nation building. The obvious benefit of joining a student society is great impact on the students social life. A student will meet different people and share his  interest with them, and will widen his social network beyond his course and the people who live with  him. However, there are also real gains in terms of his employability – the skills, qualities and knowledge he can  offer to prospective employers, which suggest that he will, successfully adapt to better life in the workplace. To inject  consciousness among students is necessary in present situation. To fulfill such need “The Student Sodality” came into force. The aim and objective of this society is to  enhance the democratic approach and national unity among the students. To organize seminars and lectures related to the voluntary work, to aware the students. To develop and encourage students talents and hobbies and motivate them for the self employment, in addition to conscious them to raise voice for the voiceless, in order to allot and aware the concern civil society.