Aims and Objectives

This society is a non political, nonprofit and secular organization.

Its aims and objectives for which the society is established are as under:

  1. To establish a castless, classless, creedless and unexploited society for promoting social , economical and educational development of the poor.
  2. To render necessary help to destitute ,poor and neglected man, women and children, physically handicapped, mentally disabled and other backward class of the community to become self sufficient.
  3. To admit and take care of orphans , destitute and helpless poor children irrespective of caste, creed, language or religion.
  4. To implement various developmental programmes for needy people irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex and to rehabilitate the scheduled caste , scheduled tribes and other down trodden weaker section of the community.
  5. To motivate and involve youth to identify and help to eradicate social evils like dowry, bonded labour, low wage, untouchability, child labourer, alcoholism, illiteracy, superstition etc. To create a new social order with greater freedom and justice .
  6. To promote and develop mutual cooperation and self sufficiency among village folks and to render assistance as may be necessary to persons  engaged  in art, craft, and to undertake schemes, projects and programmes.
  7. To provide free legal aid and advice to the needy and poor people on various legal matters.
  8. To provide library facilities and other teaching facilities to the people at free of cost.
  9. To conduct research and publish journals and periodicals, reviews pamphlets and other literature on comprehensive growth and social change.
  10. To undertake different programmes for social welfare and development, agricultural development, health and family planning, women and child development , educational development environmental protection, family counseling research , cultural promotion , consumer rights and other rights and other programmes for social advancement.
  11. Organize and channelize youth energy in character building activities and develop amongst youth a sense of pride in nationality, accepted values like, justice , equality, liberty, fraternity, secularism , democracy, socialism, unity and integrity, progress and peace.
  12. To undertake schemes, projects and programmes for the welfare of the backward and rural people and enable them to take active part in the planning and implementation of such schemes, projects and programmes.
  13. To cooperate and collaborate with other non-governmental agencies in the implementation of development programmes, projects schemes on education, family welfare and health service, national integration, cultural heritage protection, population control, protection of environment, development of science, social forestry, wasteland development, income generation of unemployed youth and weaker section of women.
  14. To organize seminars, awareness camp, exhibitions, yuba and mahila mandals, leaderships camps, rehabilitation centre, craft training centre, maternity and child welfare centers, etc.
  15. To setup counseling centre for drug abuses, and AIDS , implement blood donation programmes, anti T.B. And leprosy control programmes in health service etc.
  16. To promote total literacy and non-formal education for elementary age group children and illiterate people under the programme of universialisation and elementary education.
  17. To make aware through training to village farmers, regarding the benefit and application of improved techniques of cultivation , seeds, marketing , irrigation, fertilizers, rotating crops and farm management.
  18. To undertake relief measures in aid of people affected by natural and/or man made calamities.
  19. To work for the improvement of agriculture, animal husbandry, cottage industries and handicraft for self-employment.
  20. To protect stray animals and engendered birds.
  21. Initiating action programmes in urban/rural/tribal areas to improve the quality of individuals life through self new and to enable them to reach their optimum potential for growth and development.
  22. To provide training, documentary, research, action programmes and communication methods, women’s development, social entrepreneurship on modern appropriate technology, farming , social defense and disaster management etc.
  23. To undertake, promote, assist experimentation and innovation projects.
  24. To provide handicapped welfare, welfare of the aged, social defense including prohibition of drug abuses.
  25. To improve and upgrade the socioeconomic conditions of the rural and slum dwellers through different developmental activities.
  26. To strengthen community organizational institution for sustainable of women through self help group.