Centre For Third Voice Studies


“Voice for Voiceless” is an organization which focuses for the betterment, wellbeing and upliftment of deprived and marginalized section of the society and to bring them into the mainstream of the society. Besides various socio-political and economic problems, the environmental problem has became a matter of grave concern for the organization. The organization is gear up to undertake a variety of socially relevant constructive work as per the need and/or demand of the situation. Realizing the need of involving the intellectuals, research scholars, writers, authors and public-spirited persons in academic and cultural activities of the society, a centre named as “Centre for Third Voice Studies” has been formed.  While Public is considered as first voice , the government and other machineries  working for them reflect the second voice. The intellectuals who cannot remain as  silent observer of their activities have the force of communicating  the third voice. The aim and objective of this centre is to raise voice for the voiceless, to alert the common man and to awaken authorities as well as civil society through the humble and soft power of pen.