The Veggie Dietetics


A vegetarian diet is better for people, animals and the environment. We want everyone to commit to a fully vegetarian diet, and we see meat-deduction as a positive step towards this goal. The organization gives simultaneously equal importance on the formation of a society which will work for the protection of animal rights and motivate public the importance and merits of being vegetarian, and its contribution for society. In this present context to fulfill the demand of the organization “ The Veggie Dietetics “ came into force. This Vegetarian Society influences, inspires and supports people to embrace and maintain a vegetarian lifestyle. The aim and objective of this society is to raise voice for the voiceless, to allot and aware the public safe, secured and healthy life. To love and respect for animals and birds is the matter of  concern for this society. We are supporting people for becoming vegetarian, helping them to embrace and maintain a vegetarian diet throughout their lives.