Founders Vision

Founder’s Vision

Time is the important part of the human life. Changing time changes the activities and attitude of the human beings. As human being is a social animal, he/she makes society in accordance with the changing time. Time is the eye-witness of the success and failures of the society. All the time human beings want to be free from the bondage. But the social discriminations deprive a large number of people from their basic needs.The need of the hour is to reform the social system where, human being is constantly exhausted, due to the social dogma and superstitions.
Success thirsty man has been playing foul games with the nature to quench his thirst. If we want peace with and among us, the responsibilities of the, all able human beings should be to protect this planet Earth. “The air should be free, the water should be free and nobody should deprive from the natural rights”.
The mother earth should be protected from all types of cruelties. Love and affection should be the only means of the communication. The peace and understanding should be the aim of our society.
The organization VOICE FOR VOICELESS resolves to fight for the voiceless, where social as well as natural being is deprived. The establishment of peace and prosperity in the society should be our ultimate goal.

Dr  Bibhudatta Khandayatray, Secretary, Voice For Voiceless.